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           Welcome to 'Insurance Help Centers'

'Insurance Help Centers' is an exclusive benefit to agents. It gives your agents  a customized and exclusive online '' internet brochure. This brochure includes an 'Offer & Call to Action' that will capture and generate insurance leads!

This website is exclusively for insurance agents!


  ‘Insurance Help Centers’ will give visitors to your internet brochure the FREE GIFT of the valuable financial and retirement planning book “Your Personal Financial Help Center!, Special Retirement Edition.  This is the ‘hook’ and incentive that will generate warm leads exclusively for you. 


The benefit of the Insurance Help Centers online internet brochure and domain is that it may be registered individually with Yahoo, Google, Bing, and other search engines to increase exposure and the hits when people search for terms like life insurance, term insurance, Mortgage insurance, Final Expense insurance, Index Universal life, financial, retirement, insurance, annuity and LTC. 

 This domain and online internet brochure are valuable assets to the agent and advisor for the following reasons:

  • "Helpcenters” is generic, descriptive, and easy to remember.
  • It is a familiar and commonly used word.
  • 'Insurance Help Centers' correlate to a prospect’s unique need.
  • 'Insurance Help Centers' domain communicate a clear descriptive idea to the prospect.
  • All of the helpcenters domains represent an immediate real value to their applied use.  

 You get the following complete package:

  • customize lead generating online internet brochure.
  • The rights to give unlimited ebooks to clients and prospects.
  • The valuable Top Level Domain address  '‘ as your website addresses, plus
  • Hosting for first year. Then $99.95 annually 
  • Marketing ideas and instructions, direct mail postcard on how to get between 10% - 40% in referrals leads from clients and prospects,


The price is only $495.00 for the completed package.  


Click here to buy the full edition books. 


A successful online internet brochure gives the visitor to your brochure a reason to contact you! The free valuable financial book is the ‘hook’ that will turn visitors to your website into prospects for your products and services!  

Now go to the top of this page and click ‘Create Website’ and you will have your own professional website in minutes!

Agents have successfully received 10% - 30% in referral leads from clients and prospects using this book. 

 Go to to see the personally customized full edition book.  

 If you have questions, contact Financial Help Centers, 954 346-8585, email: